The Splatt Ops Brigade (SOB - pun intended J) is currently a (Small) Ronin/Mercenary Squad in the Dayton/Columbus/Cincy Ohio area ...
Contact us for your scenario/Rec games.
We'll join your team or the OPFOR -  whoever needs some extra bodies


Make sure to use ID# 95193 when signing up to Special Ops Brigade!


Lt.Cdr.Stinky's Gear

Tippmann A-5 w/WAS E-Grip
Flatline w/Trinity Ported Shroud
Vortex Mod
Palmer QEV w/Filter Muffler
OpsGear MP5 Sliding Stock
OpsGear MP5 Mag
40mm Red/Green Dot
SpecialOps A5 FlatTop Rail
Remote w/inline Palmer Stabilizer & Bob Long 1200psi Gauge on 20 oz. CO2
SpecOps MARPAT Remote Cover
APP T2 offset hopper
4+1 Harness
JT Flex8 Camo Goggles w/"Air Condition"
Evil or Marb Ammo
SpecOps Hat, Woodland BDU Pants, Woodland Hoody, Doc Martin Boots

But best of All: A Shoelace tied to my gasline to switch the e-grip on and off


SonicSour's Gear



Blake's Gear




Link Collections* and Personal Reviews of Local Fields, Gear, Forums, etc.

Local Fields

Large Speedball Field, 2 Great WoodFields (1 Fort, 1 Large)

Own Paint OK. $10 with gear. Discount w/10+ Rentals

Always walk-ons around, great, friendly owner who's been into paintball since 1985


Paintball Junkeez

Free paintball every Saturday 10:30AM. You'll need your own gear.
They might have air and/or paint. Lotsa people typically

The (Annual?) 24Hour Scenario is Excellent Fun with over 100 people!!!

FieldPaint ONLY

Decent Tactical Field

FieldPaint Only

Have to Check it out still

"Tourist Trap" but many fields

Useless Tactical Field. Lotsa Speedball including INDOOR!



great prices, good service, Proshop right there in the warehouse

great custom gear

great custom gear

great prices, fast service, they're near cincinnati

(Haven't ordered from these guys yet, but large selection)

Great for your camo needs



Der Verteidiger


Forums & Review Pages



CO2 Dynamics

HPA - Don't blow yourself up

How to make a Ghillie Suit

General Care and Upkeep of Paintballs

Barrel Range Theory


Personal Reviews/Comments (Coming Soon)

Tippmann A5

Flatline Barrel
Does break paint occasionally, but has excellent trajectory and a little extra range, but the straight trajectoy is more important to me... it lets u fire without an arc

OpsGear MP5 Sliding Stock

OpsGear MP5 Magazine

Trinity Flatline Shroud
Looks awesome, is none reflective, ends flush with barrel

Palmer Inline Stabilizer
This Stab is awesome. add a 1200psi gauge and you're set. I shoot my A5 at 600psi and have VERY consistent velocity. Really does take 1-2 cases for break-in




Awesome Quotes

"Never trade luck for skill."
"Weather forecasts are horoscopes with numbers."
"Without ammunition, the USAF would be just another expensive flying club."
A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." - Army's magazine of preventive maintenance .
"Aim toward the Enemy." - Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher
"Don't draw fire; it irritates the people around you." - Your Buddies
"If the enemy is in range, so are you." - Infantry Journal
"Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons." - General Mac Arthur
"You, you, and you ... Panic. The rest of you, come with me." - U.S. Marine Corp Gunnery Sgt.
"Tracers work both ways." - Infantry Journal
"Five second fuses only last three seconds." - Infantry Journal
"If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush." - Infantry Journal








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